5cardpoker| The A-share market has picked up, with more than 700 active equity fund products floating profits exceeding 10% during the year

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Our reporter Wang Siwen

China Association of fund industry released5cardpokerAccording to the latest public fund market data of the company, as of the end of April this year, the total size of public funds reached 305cardpoker78 trillion yuan, the total scale reached the 30 trillion yuan mark for the first time, and the public fund industry has ushered in a historic moment. As an important source of medium-and long-term funds in the capital market, equity funds (including equity funds and hybrid funds) have contributed a scale increase of more than 150 billion yuan.

Among them, the management scale of equity funds climbed to 3.18 trillion yuan, an increase of 85.939 billion yuan compared with March, a month-on-month increase of 2.78%, and the management scale reached a record high. During the same period, the share of equity funds reached 2.74 trillion, a month-on-month increase of 0.75%. In terms of hybrid funds dominated by active equity products, their latest fund share is 3.41 trillion shares, a slight decrease from March. The latest management scale reaches 3.72 trillion yuan, an increase of 68.088 billion yuan compared with March. Overall, the overall management scale of public fund equity funds totaled 6.9 trillion yuan, an increase of 154.027 billion yuan month-on-month.

It is worth mentioning that since February this year, the A-share market has rebounded. Wind information data shows that from February 5 to May 26 this year, the cumulative increase of the Shanghai Composite Index reached 13.14%, and the cumulative increase of the Shenzhen Composite Index reached 16.99%. Major indices such as the GEM Index and the Science and Technology Innovation 50 also performed well.

According to statistics from reporters, as of May 26, a total of 721 active equity fund products in the market had floating profits exceeding 10% during the year, of which 63 active equity fund products had floating profits exceeding 20% during the year. For example, the Boshi Growth Select Hybrid Securities Investment Fund had a floating profit of 30% during the year, and the Southern Development Opportunities Hybrid Securities Investment Fund had a one-year holding period of 26% during the year. Among the top performers are Yongying Long-term Value Hybrid Securities Investment Fund, Wanjia Dual Engine Flexible Allocation Hybrid Securities Investment Fund, Huitianfu Brand Power One-Year Holding Period Hybrid Securities Investment Fund, Harvest Resources Selected Stock Initiated Securities Investment Fund, Yongying Dividend Preferred Hybrid Securities Investment Fund, etc.

In addition, foreign investment in China's equity market has also picked up recently. Marty Dropkin, head of equity investment at Fidelity International Asia Pacific, told reporters: "The more attractive valuation levels of A shares and Hong Kong stocks have attracted global capital attention, so Asian stock markets have been active recently."

5cardpoker| The A-share market has picked up, with more than 700 active equity fund products floating profits exceeding 10% during the year

Many industry insiders said that the public fund industry has grown from scratch and has gradually grown into an important force in promoting the development of my country's capital market. It has also become an important part of investors 'asset allocation. The current management scale has made leapfrog breakthroughs, and there is still a lot of room for development in the future. Under the background of supervision and guidance for the high-quality development of public funds, improving investors 'sense of gain, adhering to investor-oriented, and returning to their origins are important issues for the future of public funds.


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