ultimatexpokerstrategy| GAC Trumpchi i-GTEC 2.0 technology officially released


April twenty _ thirdUltimatexpokerstrategyChuanqi New Energy announced that its technology brand Chuanqi Zhidian Technology i-GTEC was officially upgraded to 2.Ultimatexpokerstrategy.0 stage, chassis, three electricity, intelligence, technology platform all-dimensional advanced. Starting from 2025, i-GTEC2.0 technology of Chuanqi Smart Electric Technology will be installed on Chuanqi new energy models one after another.

Chuanqi New Energy quickly upgraded Chuanqi Smart Technology i-GTEC to 2.0, bringing four core technologies: chassis, three power, intelligence and technology platform.

Intelligent preview multi-cavity air suspension, it can identify the gravel potholes and stagnant water in front of the road in advance, quickly lift the chassis through, and can be remotely controlled to raise the chassis of the vehicle, even if you are on a business trip. Intelligent pre-pressure relief can intelligently relieve pressure in an emergency, so that sudden braking can also make the coffee in the car watertight, while the chassis intelligent doctor can find the chassis abnormal in time, easily master the chassis health, and bid farewell to bending over to check. It is worth mentioning that the newly upgraded giant star intelligent control chassis also has the function of turning around.

In the field of three electric technology, Chuanqi New Energy will bring quark electric drive 2.0 based on six-in-one carbon fiber rotor motor, lighter, more compact, higher performance, with the world's leading hybrid engine with thermal efficiency exceeding 46%, ultra-low energy consumption, super power, leading the competitive generation. On the battery, the GAC all-solid-state battery will be newly upgraded in the future, which will increase the volume energy density and mass energy density by more than 50%. At the same time, it will be more resistant and heat-resistant, and the problem of thermal runaway will be completely solved.

ultimatexpokerstrategy| GAC Trumpchi i-GTEC 2.0 technology officially released

The ADiGO intelligent driving interconnected ecosystem of Guangzhou Automobile developed by Chuanqi New Energy will further evolve and will bring the pure visual intelligent driving function of GARCIA, which has three super abilities far beyond the industry's accurate understanding of complex traffic roads, strong traffic signal recognition and handling complex and changeable scenes, making travel more worry-free. The full-time intelligent fresh air system can intelligently detect the concentration of carbon dioxide. Once the air in the car exceeds the standard, the fresh air system will be turned on automatically.

Chuanqi New Energy will also be based on i-GPMA2.0 to create a new high-end platform for new energy vehicles. Through the new platform, Chuanqi New Energy can develop a variety of models, such as hybrid, plug-in, extended range and so on. At the same time, this platform will also be equipped with GAC's latest Xingling electronic and electrical architecture and Rubik's cube platform.

At the 2024 Beijing Auto Show, Chuanqi New Energy will bring more blockbuster releases.